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We produce our oils, lubricants, and technical fluids at our plants in Omsk and and Fryazino, Moscow Oblast. All our production facilities have ISO certification (Production, filling, storing, and distribution of oils and lubricants).

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Omsk Lubricants Plant

Omsk Lubricants Plant is one of the most advanced facilities in Russia and the CIS countries. The facility produces a wide range of automotive, industrial, and marine oils, lubricants, and technical fluids.

2009 year of
300 thousand tons of
products a year
350 products 10 thousand tons of
finished products in storage


“Omsk Lubricants Plant” — ООО “Gazpromneft-SM” subsidiary
644040, Russian Federation, Omsk, Prospekt Gubkina,1

Moscow Lubricants Plant

Located in Fryazino, Moscow Oblast, Moscow Lubricants Plant produces motor, marine, hydraulic, industrial, and transmission oils, as well as multi-purpose and special oils for the Terrion и Rostselmash automobile manufacturers.

2011 year of
70 thousand tons
of products a year
200 products 150 staff


ZAO "Gazpromneft Moscow Lubricants Plant"
141191, Russian Federation, Fryazino, Ozernaya Str., 6а

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